Our Commitment to EDI

No student should be at any disadvantage compared to others when taking part in this scheme. Several measures have been put in place that aim to prevent this from happening:

  • Projects can be proposed on a rolling basis
  • It is the host’s responsibility to provide students with any resources they require, e.g. software licences.
  • The student’s affiliation will be removed from their application to remove the risk of hosts showing bias towards students who study at universities they have worked with in the past.
  • The student’s name will also be removed from their application to avoid unconscious bias.
  • If a host wants no pre-sifting, we will pass them all their applications after the closing date rather than giving them access to view them as they come in. This will remove the possibility of them choosing one of the first that is submitted without looking at the later applicants. Similarly, in any sifting that we do, we will not look at any applications until the deadline has passed.
  • Hosts will also be advised of inclusive recruitment practices.
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