The space sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, and the UK government has its sights set high within the international space scene. By pairing students with space companies for their individual project, we hope to contribute to this growth towards a larger and thriving space sector within the UK.

This new scheme allows students to gain real experience, improve their employability, and get their foot in the door within space companies. It has been designed upon feedback from several academics and industry professionals to ensure the process is as smooth as possible for all involved. We are in a pilot phase though, and would welcome any feedback to improve.

Making it work

Our priority is to make sure the project scopes are up to the standard you require, so that they fulfil the intended learning outcomes for your individual project module. Students can only apply to be considered for a project with the support of an academic willing to supervise them, and will be supported by a supervisor from the partnering organisation with meetings at least once every two weeks. 

We recognise you might have procedures in place and might regularly work with some organisations for this sort of collaboration. If students at your university are selected, this scheme may allow you to form new relationships with different organisations. For consistency within the scheme, given a single organisation might select students from multiple different universities, it would be great if you could follow the procedures we have designed.

Scheme Handbook

The handbook below provides all the details of this scheme. We recommend reading it and getting in touch if you have any questions.

PDF version: Link

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